Create your own time worksheet

Create your own time worksheets with our clock worksheet generator. ¬†You have the option to select either “write the correct time worksheets” or “draw the hands on the clock worksheets”. You can select different clock intervals for different levels of learning. Start with 15 and 30 minute intervals for a beginner, then move on to 5 and 10 minute intervals for intermediate levels and finally select the 1 or 2 minute intervals for a more challenging worksheet.

Time worksheets

Generate custom time worksheets

Step 1:

Select whether you would like to write the correct time or draw the hands on the clock:

What’s the time


Draw the hands on the clock

Draw the hands on the clock worksheets

Step 2:

Select the clock increment:

1 minute

2 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes

Step 3:

Click the button to generate your clock worksheet:

Additional resources

This website offers a range of resources to help you teach time-telling in a fun and engaging way. These resources include activities, articles, and techniques, all carefully selected to cater to your unique requirements.