Simple subtraction worksheets

Let’s help your child excel in math with our amazing free printable subtraction worksheets! Our worksheets are designed to not only teach the basic skills of subtraction but to also enhance your child’s writing abilities. Starting with simple pictures these worksheets are perfect for a smooth transition to number and picture subtraction. With our worksheets, basic number subtraction can be extensively practiced until it becomes effortless for your child.

If you are looking for an extra level of challenge, our math worksheet generator is at your disposal. You can customize the numbers, sums, and even generate solution sheets. You can make the worksheet as difficult or as easy as you choose. Watch as your child progresses through the levels of our worksheets and becomes a subtraction pro!

Subtraction worksheets
Picture subtraction problems: numbers 1-10

Free printable picture subtraction worksheets. Simple worksheets using pictures to teach kids to count and subtract.

Numbers and pictures with subtraction worksheets: numbers 1-10

Free printable subtracting pictures and numbers worksheets, this uses both math skills and writing skills.

Numbers subtraction worksheets: numbers 1-10

Free printable subtracting numbers worksheets. 

Create your own subtraction worksheets

If you require something a little more challenging you can use our math’s worksheet generator to create your own maths worksheets.  You have the option to select which numbers to include, the layout of the sums, how many sums you would like and finally the option to include a solution page.

Step 1:

Select the numbers. You can select a few individual numbers eg 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Or you can select a range of numbers eg 1-10 or 1-20 etc.


















Step 2:

Select the layout:


1 – 1 = 2



–  1


Step 3:

Select the number of problems:

10 problems

16 problems

20 problems

Step 4:

Select whether you would like to print the solutions page:

Include solutions page

Step 5:

Click the button to generate your maths worksheet:

Additional resources

We understand the challenges that come with teaching subtraction to children and we believe that additional resources can be helpful in making it a more enjoyable and efficient experience for both you and your child. This website offers a wide range of materials, from worksheets to interactive activities, to make the learning process more engaging and effective. They also have tips and strategies on how to make subtraction fun and relevant for your child.